Cooling Off the Cats!

  Here at Turpentine Creek, we are home to a few native species like cougars and bobcats, but the vast […]


Here at Turpentine Creek, we are home to a few native species like cougars and bobcats, but the vast majority of our animals are from different environments. Some of our animals are native to hot African savannahs, but others would call a cool rainforest their home! The Arkansas heat can become unbearable (no pun intended), and as our animals’ forever home, we want to help keep them comfortable and cool! 


We ensure that every habitat has plenty of shade for our animals to utilize. On a super hot day, you might not see some animals, because they might be hiding out in their shaded nighthouses. Every animal will have access to an enclosed nighthouse to allow them to cool off throughout the day. Our animals will also have shade in their grassy habitats, including benches or trees that they can hide under. Some animals, especially our white tigers, are extra sensitive to the sun, and providing this shade allows them the opportunity to escape the sun’s harsh rays! 


Do you enjoy popsicles in the summertime? Well, so do our cats! But it’s not the kind of popsicles we would want to eat. Whenever we have a whole cow donated, we will freeze their blood with little pieces of meat to make a bloodsicle! Once the weather starts warming up, you might see these frozen treats making their way into our carnivores’ habitats. Our bears get to join in on the fun as well with frozen fruit juice pops, filled with tasty snacks! These cool treats


Did you know that some species of cats actually enjoy playing in the water? While our African species might not like it, tigers, jaguars and bears will use water in their natural habitat to help cool themselves! Here at Turpentine Creek, we provide pools to any animals that enjoy swimming, including our bears! While plenty of our animals enjoy lazing in their pools, others really enjoy to dunk and drown their toys in the water! No matter how they spend their time, our animals are always very excited when their pools are opened for the summer! 

Our animals aren’t the only ones battling the heat this summer, so remember to take steps to protect yourself as well! Coming in the morning while it is cooler can definitely help, but if you’re here in the afternoon we’ve got you covered. Utilize the multiple shaded spots in our discovery area, and purchase a cold drink in our gift shop to make sure you are cool and hydrated throughout your visit to Turpentine Creek! 

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