Did you know? Black bears have small, sharp, & pointed claws which helps them to climb trees

Off the Refuge Presentations are the perfect addition to your class unit, college club meeting, or Rotary meeting.

Our presentations are tailored to your group and your needs, ranging in topics from Career Presentations to Animal Resident Enrichment. While we do not bring any of our residents offsite, we are able to bring props of all shapes and sizes, including furs, replica teeth and claws, and destroyed toys. These props are just a few reminders why these animals are “Predators Not Pets”!

School Trips to Go

Our School Trips to Go are the perfect option for a class that might not be able to make the trip out to Turpentine Creek. One of our Education Team members will travel to your classroom to teach your class about what we do and the animal residents that call Turpentine Creek home.

A School Trip to Go is available for all grade levels and can be accompanied by one of our Lesson Plans, geared toward Next Generation Science Standards.

Presentations last 45 minutes- 1 hour or per class unit request. We ask that teachers combine classrooms to fit this timeframe for our presenters.

All Of the Refuge Presentations are priced at $200

Community Presentations

Community Presentations were created to educate the public in more than just a school setting. Our Education Team would love to come to your organization’s meeting to show you why our motto is “Predators not Pets”. You will learn all about our mission, hear rescue stories, and learn all about the animals that call TCWR home. Presentations last 45 minutes-1 hour or per group request. 

Equipment Recommendations

We have custom PowerPoint presentations for your group. We ask that you provide: 

  • Projector and screen
  • HDMI cord
  • Sound system
  • Table for props

If you are not able to provide this equipment, we are able to present without the slideshow.

Educational Booths

Our Educational Booths are designed to inform the attendees of an event why true sanctuaries like Turpentine Creek are necessary. We enjoy teaching people of all ages about our animal residents, their stories, and why they do not belong in backyards, roadside zoos, or circuses. Our Educational Booths are very interactive and can include fun activities like enrichment making or a Wildlife Discovery Table.

To book a promotional booth for your event, please contact our Marketing Department at

Additional Add-On Program Options

Turpentine Creek’s Education Department offers additional programs for your field trip at no cost! These programs follow National Science Standards and are available upon request. 

  • Wildlife Discovery Table – Get up close to our replica nature items! Learn more about what animals that the replicas come from and discover more about wildlife!
  • Native Arkansas Wildlife – Arkansas is home to various species of animals that may not always be seen while exploring. Discover more about what wildlife can be found in the Natural State that also call TCWR home.
  • Savannah Explorer – Discover more about the African Savannah and the animals that live there!
  • Predators not Pets – Explore why exotic animals do not make good pets by getting a closer look at some of their destroyed toys!
  • How do you Bear Up? – Bears are amazing animals that have adapted for survival in the habitats that they live in. Their size, color, and diet all play a role in their survival.
  • Enrichment Fun- A great way to give back to the animals, this program provides hands on volunteer activities to make toys for our animals for us to bring back to them.

Ways to Pay

All Of the Refuge Presentations are priced at $200

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, credit card, and check. For questions or concerns about the payment process or our pricing, please contact us at

Schedule an Off the Refuge Presentation

During the school year, August through May, we have limited availability due to a high number of Field Trips on-site. To best accommodate you, we recommend contacting us one month in advance of your desired date. We schedule on a first come, first serve basis.