Virtual Tours

Did you know? A leopard can carry 3 to 5 times their weight into trees!

Virtual Field Trips

Join our education team to take a virtual field trip around the refuge! Due to the coronavirus, we are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe and this means not doing in-person field trips. Our content team has created a prerecorded tour video for us to share with you! This video shows every animal who is on our normal tour. When you reserve a tour with us, your class will be able to see the animals playing with their toys and laying in their habitat. While this is playing, we will pause and talk about what a true sanctuary is, our animal rescues, fun facts about the species, and much more! We wanted to make a video for these tours for a couple of reasons. We wanted to make sure we have good internet connection. Our wifi tends to be spotty at certain parts of the tour and we didn’t want to lose connection with our groups. These videos ensure that you will see the animals. As a true sanctuary, Turpentine Creek never forces the animals to do anything or be anywhere in their habitat.

The virtual field trips cost $30 per class. For more information feel free to contact our education department at

Virtual Lesson

If you would like to participate in a virtual experience with us but do not have the funding, we offer a free virtual lesson! This session is entitled Predators, Not Pets.  Join Turpentine Creek’s education department to learn why tigers, lions, and bears are predators and not pets or props in any way. In this lesson we talk about two of the adaptations that make big cats predators: teeth and claws! Learn more about these adaptions and how they us them here at the Refuge and in the wild. Your group will also learn about each species here at the Refuge. 

*Please note, this experience does not include video of all the animals on the tour.*