Virtual Tours

Did you know? Leopards are found in both Asia and Africa

Distance learning programs

For those that are unable to physically visit the Refuge, or are looking to supplement in classroom learning, our distance learning programs are a great way to create a world of animal advocates. 

Skype in the Classroom is powered through Microsoft, and provides a free resource for educators around the world to “foster empathy and compassion for each other and the planet”. With 102 countries and over 3 million partners, the SITC community is a fantastic way to elevate in classroom and homeschool learning. 

Virtual sessions at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge are 45 minutes long, and can be catered to any age group, interest, and science curriculum. TCWR also provides lesson plans that follow next generation science standards pertaining to our mission at the Refuge. Subjects range from climate and environment, service learning and social food, animals, and careers within the wildlife and environmental professional fields. 

It is our goal at TCWR to facilitate interactive learning through virtual programs, and empower students to foster global mindedness, and gain an appreciation and understanding of wildlife. After our program, they will also learn how to become environmental stewards themselves. Our youth is extremely important to protect the natural world for future generations. 

To join our virtual program sessions, visit to set up a profile. 

How to Get Started

  • What you will need: A strong internet connection, and Skype downloaded. Access to a webcam or a projector for large classrooms is greatly encouraged. 
  • Search: Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge 
  • Schedule a Session: Our calendar of availability can be accessed through SITC. Time zones will be converted on the calendar. 
  • Download: Teacher lesson plans on TCWR’s Content Partner Page (K-5). 
  • Confirm your session: Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email from SITC with information on your scheduled session. 
  • Before your session: Test equipment, internet connection, and audio connection
  • Join session: Through your profile, select join session. You will be connected to TCWR’s Skype account. 

Turpentine Creek is extremely excited to share this virtual opportunity and spread our mission around the world. Please contact the Education Department at with any questions or concerns on how to get started.