Rules for Visitors

Thank you for choosing to visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and helping us protect victims of the exotic pet trade.

TCWR is a true sanctuary accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Providing a safe forever home for our animal residents is our top priority. We do NOT allow physical contact with our animals, never touching, petting, or handling them in any way. They do not travel off the property, and we do not buy, sell, breed, or trade any animals in our care. Many of our animals have been rescued from abusive and neglectful situations, and we want to make sure that they are happy and respected as wild animals at the Refuge. 

In order to ensure our animals are comfortable in their forever home, we want to address some important rules and regulations before your visit. Please ensure that all rules are followed throughout your entire visit. We ask that you go over the rules before your visit so your group is all aware of what is expected of them during their time here at Turpentine Creek. 

At all times, please ensure that there is NO:

  • Running or jumping
  • climbing or shaking fences
  • climbing or jumping off benches 
  • picking up, kicking, or throwing rocks 
  • entering between animal fences (do not enter signs)
  • shouting, yelling, taunting, or making animal noises 
  • chasing animals up and down the fence 
  • throwing anything into the animal habitats 
    • Our animals can become extremely sick by ingesting anything they are not supposed to!

During your visit PLEASE:

  • Remain with your tour guides, teachers, or chaperones at all times in the guided area. 
  • You are welcome to walk around the discovery area in small groups, but do not leave children unattended. 
  • Place all trash in appropriate bins or recycling receptacles throughout the Refuge. 
  • Ask your tour guide and TCWR questions about the animals. 
  • Take pictures or videos of your group and share them to our social media page on Facebook! 

Thank you for scheduling your visit with us, and we look forward to a fun and educational trip with your group. Please contact TCWR’s Education Department with any questions at