Meet the Team

Beckie Moore

Beckie is the Education Coordinator for Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. She helped develop the Education Department in 2018, creating more opportunities to help visitors make personal connections to stop the abuse and neglect of the exotic pet trade and the entertainment industry. Beckie attended the University of Arkansas and received her B.S. in Education with a focus on Wildlife Interpretation. Working for the Arkansas State Parks as Park Interpreter, she was able to help connect visitors to flora and fauna of our beautiful state. After working for the parks, she decided to return home. An opportunity arose to work for TCWR, where she had grown up visiting. Beckie is a Certified Interpretive Guide through the National Association for Interpretation. This internationally recognized organization focuses on education to help preserve and protect our natural and cultural heritage resources.

“It is through education that you can be the voice for wildlife everywhere to stop the abuse and neglect that they face. We have a role to play to stop the exotic pet trade and entertainment industry and protect wildlife in their native environments.”  

Shayleen Richert

Shayleen Richert became a Wildlife Interpreter at Turpentine in January of 2021 after graduating from Arkansas Tech University and majoring in Recreation and Parks Administration with an emphasis in Natural Resources. She has come from a background of interpretation from previously working at Roaring River State Park in Cassville, MO. Ever since taking Interpretation classes at Tech and becoming a certified Interpretive Guide through Tech and the National Association of Interpretation, she knew that educating the public about wildlife and nature was something that she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Shayleen has always had a love for big cats deep down since she was little, and loves being able to teach people of the hardships they have to face on a daily basis through other facilities.

“I love being able to see that A-HA moment when talking to the public and seeing what you were talking about has just clicked with your audience.”

Jessica Vineyard

Jessica is a former Animal Care intern who has recently become an Education Intern as of August 2020. As an Arkansas native, Jessica graduated from Henderson State University with a B.S in Natural Resource Management. Jessica knew from a young age that her purpose in life is to rescue animals and be their voice. She has volunteered countless hours at local humane societies and has spent many years working in dog rescue. This love for animals led her to Turpentine Creek shortly after graduation. While she loved her experience as an Animal Care Intern, Jessica also took a significant interest in teaching the public about our animals and what we can do to save them. She applied and was accepted into the Education program. She is thrilled to continue being a voice for the neglected and abused. 

“Animals have no voice.

They can’t ask for help.

They can’t ask for freedom.

They can’t ask for protection.

Humanity must be their voice.”


― A.D. Williams