Did you know? Jaguars are excellent predators in land and water. They use their thick tail to change direction quickly

Jun 03

National Black Bear Day

Join our staff and interns at TCWR on June 4th to learn more about Black Bears! We will have a few programs scattered throughout the day and take a walk down the bear tunnel to see if you can spot a black bear.

Jun 04

National Animal Rights Day

Join us at TCWR as you learn about the amazing animals that call TCWR home.

Jul 29

International Tiger Day

Join Turpentine Creek staff and interns on July 29th to help raise awareness about the declining tiger population. A hundred years ago, 100,000 tigers roamed Asia. Today fewer than 4,000 remain in the wild. Come and take part in fun and educational activities to learn how you can help save tigers all across the world.

Aug 08

International Cat Day

Join Turpentine Creek staff and interns on August 8th at Turpentine Creek to learn more about the animals that call Turpentine Creek home!

Aug 10

World Lion Day

Join Turpentine Creek staff and interns to learn and see the lions that call Turpentine home!

Sep 04

National Wildlife Day

Join us at TCWR to learn about the wildlife that calls us home!

Oct 04

World Animal Day

Join us at TCWR to learn more about the animals that call us home!

Oct 27

National Black Cat Day

Black cats, domestic and wild, are commonly thought to be bad luck or bad omens. Here at TCWR we are home to one black, or melanistic, leopard named Spyke. Come visit us to learn how to help black cats of all shapes and sizes, including Spyke!

Oct 29

National Cat Day

Come visit us at TCWR on October 29th and join us in celebrating International Cat Day! This is a day used to raise awareness for homeless domestic cats of all species and backgrounds, and to explore ways to help and protect them. Here at TCWR, we are a forever home to exotic cats. But, there is an ever growing problem of homeless domesticated cats in neighborhoods all around the world. Come join us in finding solutions to some of the issues that our feline friends, wild and domestic, are facing.

Nov 07

Bam Bam Day

Join our wildlife interpreters throughout the day as they discuss Bam Bam and other bear necessities.

Dec 04

World Wildlife Conservation Day

Come and join us at TCWR on Wildlife Conservation Day, December 4th. Did you know many species, from all over the world, are endangered due to harmful actions of humans; from hunting and wildlife trafficking to the destruction of their habitats. Through tours and small talks, discover how you can help stop the number of endangered species from rising and how to help the ones whose numbers are already extremely low.

Dec 10

International Day of Animal Rights

Visit TCWR for National Animal Rights Day as we discover how we can help stop the abuse that wildlife endure from humans. This is a day dedicated to spread awareness on all wildlife established by the non-profit Our Planet. Theirs Too. Join TCWR staff as we explore different opportunities to become their voice and help stop their suffering.