Animal Sanctuary Appreciation Day

We celebrate the second annual Animal Sanctuary Appreciation Day today. The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) partnered with the […]

We celebrate the second annual Animal Sanctuary Appreciation Day today. The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) partnered with the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance (BCSA) and the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance to create this day.  This day honors over 100 recognized sanctuaries. We raise awareness today of the work these sanctuaries do to ensure the animals are well cared for. 

You have heard the term “true sanctuary” if you follow TCWR on social media or have taken a tour here. Unfortunately, no governing body has regulated the term sanctuary. This, therefore, allows any facility to call itself a sanctuary. Many facilities refer to themselves as a sanctuary while in reality, they are exploiting the animals for a profit. Above all, GFAS ensures that sanctuaries uphold the highest standards of care for all rescued animals. True, accredited sanctuaries WILL NOT buy, sell, breed, or trade their animals. These facilities will provide excellent and humane care for the animals in a non-exploitative environment.

TCWR rescues animals from commercial exploitation and private ownership. Just this year, TCWR had three rescues from around the country. These three rescues brought a total of twelve more animals to TCWR. These animals came from places that used them for a profit to a sanctuary that will never force them to do anything they do not want to do. Sadly, some of these animals have never seen or felt grass before their arrival at TCWR. Now they are thriving in their large grassy habitats, able to enjoy their life! In order for the animals to be well cared for, it takes an army of people! From the animal care team to educators and office workers to our supporters, everyone has a part to play.

It can be difficult to distinguish between true and pseudo sanctuaries. TCWR encourages you to know before you go in order to make sure facilities are not abusing their animals. In addition, we have created a checklist to help you in your research. Hopefully, this helps you make the proper decision to support and visit certain facilities. You can find that checklist here

In order to learn more info about GFAS sanctuaries, feel free to click here! Spread out all around the world, these sanctuaries are not only for big cats. There are sanctuaries that care for all animals: big cats and non-human primates to native and domesticated animals. 

TCWR is a member of the BCSA. This group consists of accredited big cat sanctuaries and partner organizations. The BCSA was created to speak with a unified voice on issues affecting big cats. This group works towards a day when sanctuaries like TCWR are no longer in need. We will eliminate private ownership and exploitation of big cats when this day comes. 

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