Domestic Cats that Look like Wild Cats

  You might think a pet may look cool if they looked like a wild animal. Actually being created to […]


You might think a pet may look cool if they looked like a wild animal. Actually being created to look like a tiger, lion, or leopard may look awesome but it creates some health issues for those animals. 


What could some of these animals be called?


This cat is bred to resemble a Tiger. This animal has stripes like a tiger. Their stripes are broken, branched, bold vertical stripes. This cat also resembles tigers by being muscular and the look of their body. 


This cat breed has gotten its name from looking similar to the ocelot. It has a short coat that is easy to care for and often thought to be a dog in a cat’s body. This cat is a 100% domesticated house cat. It was accidentally created. 


 This cat is a cross between an Asian Leopard Cat and a domesticated house cat. This house cat resembles a “pet leopard”. These animals grow slow, taking 2 years before reaching maturity. They also have a “prowl” like walk because their back legs are a little taller than their front.

Egyptian Mau

This cat may be related to a subspecies of the African Wild Cat. They can look like Ocicats or Bengals but Egyptian Mau will be smaller than the 2 species. This animal will leap 6 ft in the air and run up to 30 mph, meaning this animal will need a lot of physical activity. 


This breed is made by crossing an ocicat to a bengal cat. They are very sociable animals and do not like to be alone. The goal for creating this breed was to be gentle , friendly in nature and a physically appearance to that of a wild cat.

Serengeti Cat

This is a cross between a bengal cat and an oriental shorthair.  These cats have a resemblance to an African Serval. They like to be perched up high. This breed of cat has nimble toes that can open a kitchen cupboard and can learn how to turn the kitchen faucet on. They do not like to be alone. 

Pixie Bob

This cat breed looks like a wild bobcat. There is no bobtail gene in them even though they look similar. They have a high protein diet. This cat is loyal to its owner and is a playful cat. They might even play fetch with you. 


This cat looks like an Abyssinian but larger, its genes are from crossing a jungle cat from Southeast Asia with a domesticated Abyssinian. This breed can weigh up to 30 pounds.  This cat eats an all meat diet because they can not break down vegetables very well.


This cat breed resembles the cat statues in ancient Egypt. They can jump up to 6ft. This breed is believed to have originated from South East Asia, off the coast by the Indian ocean. 


This breed looks a lot like the Abyssinian but in long hair form. This breed can be 28 different colors. Their fur, large ears, and furry tail gives this breed the nickname of “Fox Cat”. 

Savannah Cat

This cat is designed to look like an African Serval.  This breed is half African Serval and half domesticated cat. They can be very wild like the African servals. However, they can breed to get away from being so wild like the African Serval. 


Even though these animals look a lot like wild cats, they can be wild at heart like the dangerous predators they look like. If you get one of these animals, do your research beforehand. Just know that with being a created breed, sometimes these animals will develop some health issues when they get older. 




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